Beautiful teeth need space

This was one of our favorite cases. This patient came to us to restore his abrased front teeth with veneer. Even though veneer can make a miracle with some preparation, this is the perfect demonstration of a case when it is not as easy as usual.

The abrasion is the result of the patient's lousy occlusion. The patient's bite is lower than usual due to missing posterior teeth and bad fillings. As a result of this lousy occlusion, his front teeth became abraded, as seen in the picture. To make enough place for the restoration of front teeth first, I had to restore his lateral teeth and his occlusion. In the first part of the treatment, I replaced the missing teeth with bridges and changed the bad fillings with inlays. After that, I could lift his bite by a few millimeters; this made enough space for the veneer. In the second part of the treatment, I prepared his front teeth for veneer as usual. Then, in the final step, I cemented the veneer and reached the visible result on the picture. The whole process took less than three weeks, so the patient had one more week to learn how to have a wide smile at his wedding.