How A Kid Decided To Become A Dentist?

It is always interesting to read about a story, how a kid decided to become a dentist. We could say our family is a dentist family as Kristóf is the third dentist in the row following his father, Endre and his grandfather, Zoltán.

But how does it happen with other dentists?

Our dentist-orthodontist, Dr Roohi Ghazaleh was born in Iran and moved to Debrecen after secondary school, at the age of 18. She graduated on the Medical University of Debrecen as a dentist. After graduation she moved to Budapest and began the three years program of orthodontic residency. During her specialization time she was studying in Semmelweis University and took specialisation courses in private clinics not just in Hungary, but also in Germany and Sweden.


And when did she decide she wants to be a dentist-orthodontist?

“I have known that I want to be a dentist since I was 8 years old. I remember I was always looking forward to go to the dentist, obviously not for the painful treatments, but for the little gifts I used to get from them. Sometimes I even followed my cousins to the dentist, because I could get a gift as long as they were brave. Ofcourse I  prefered them being brave and not me. Later on  my elder cousins became dentists and I remember looking at their books one day and  thinking  I will read the same books and get closer to my dreams. When I got to dental school I started being fund of aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics. Now, so many years later, I am hoping I can give you the best smile possible and maybe along the way motive a little kid to be a dentist-orthodontist.”