If There Are No More Teeth… – All On Four

It is always a big trauma in a human life to loose all of your teeth. It can happen at the same time or slowly, tooth by tooth, it is still a big change in our life. People are devoured by fear because of the full dentures, before what they just saw in the glasses of their grandparents. And also the feeling they have just got old suddenly.

We need teeth not just because of biting, but for talking and living social life too.

There are two solutions in this situation. If you can get over your fears of full denture, it can be an affordable solution. Nowdays with implantology several other options are available to replace the teeth we loose during our life. A fix prosthetic is always more attractive than a removable.

It has a big advantage over prosthesis to leave the palate free.


In this article I introduce All On Four, what is very popular in the nordic countries and we need just 4 implants to make a fix prosthetic for our patients. Thanks to the special surgery process, the operation is possible in case of less bone as well. Of course it does not provide solution in every cases. It is a very aesthetic replacement of our teeth, and compared with other kind of prosthetics fixed by implants, the price is affordable thanks to decreased number of implants.