If There Are No More Teeth . . . – Full Denture

Loosing all teeth is a big trauma in one’s life, It can happen at once or slowly, tooth by tooth, it is still a big change in our life.

We need teeth not just for biting, but for talking and living social life too.

There are many options replacing all the teeth with implants, but without implants we only have one option.

We make full denture (prothesis), when someone has lost all of his teeth. Without teeth and implants, it is difficult to make a stable denture, so we can just use the hard and soft tissues in the mouth. We extend the denture to cover the gingiva and palatum, and we try to use all the muscles, this helps to keep the denture in the right place. We have to do it with complete precision or else it won’t be comfortable. I always tell my patients, a denture is not ready when it is arrived from the dental laboratory. At the beginning it is uncomfortable, difficult to eat and talk with it. We need 3 weeks of patience during which we do the corrections. The denture is ready when the patient feels it like his own, and learns the correct and comfortable way to talk and eat.