Manager check-up

Most people tend to judge by first impression. A clean hand, a white smile, well-groomed skin is an essential part of a good look. When we meet someone for the first time, before introducing ourselves, our appearance, our smile is already talking.

It tells how old are we approximately or how much we care about ourselves. The more we care about our appearance, the better impression we make on others.

While we are having a conversation with someone, we look at other’s face, especially the eyes or mouth. This part of our body counts more than we think. A healthy smile gives us self-confidence, even nowadays when the “Hollywood-smile” became status symbol. To have beautiful teeth, it is not enough to brush them regularly, but it starts with the daily routine and the yearly professional check-up and cleaning.

As part of our „Manager check-up”, we provide you a professional dental cleaning, check-up with panoramic x-ray, personal oral-hygiene advices and full treatment plan just for the price of the dental cleaning.