The Pink Aesthetic

Imagine a perfect smile. Regular, white teeth with a pink gingiva. Healthy interdental pappilas filling the gaps nicely. Now, imagine the same white teeth surrounded by a red, bleeding gingiva, where the gaps are just filled by the yellow dental calculus. This picture is not so attractive, is it?

The periodontal disease, like the caries, is endemic. Almost 100% of the population is affected while 28% is affected heavily. The periodontal inflamation causes every third toothloosing or can cause diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or miscarriage.

The picture above illustrates a heavily infected periodontium, After several months of treatment, the healthy, pink, taut gingiva was redressed. However, the damage is irreversible. The gum loss is permanent, and we had to splint the lower mobile teeth to save them.

The regular visit and dental cleaning prevent’s this case.