Dental hygiene


Calculus or tartar can not only be aesthetically disturbing but also a trigger for severe periodontal diseases. If the tartar is not removed in time, the gums may become inflamed, the structure of the gums may be damaged and in extreme cases it may lead to the loosening of your teeth or a complete tooth loss.

Scaling is the key to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Research has shown that completely plaque-free individuals do not develop the diseases mentioned above. Genetics, daily oral hygiene habits, smoking, and malnutrition also play a very important role in the development of tartar. As tartar adheres strongly to the tooth, it cannot be removed effectively (or not at all) by simple brushing your teeth or using "diy" homemade practices.

At our clinic, the treatment can be done under 30 minutes. The process is almost completely painless with just a feeling of a minor discomfort. Neither the soft nor the hard tissues are damaged, so pain is very rare even after the treatment. Post scaling, brushing, and daily oral care can be more effective.

We help preventing the development of serious dental and gum issues, and our dentists and dental hygienists are ready to be at your disposal.



It only takes approximately 1,5 hours to smile with confidence again with your brand new, brilliant white teeth.

Teeth whitening is always preceded by a consultation when the condition of the teeth and gums are assessed. If you haven't had scaling for a long time, it is still necessary to finish it in a separate appointments before teeth whitening, as the calculus cannot be whitened and the bleeding of the gums can also affect the result of whitening.


Teeth whitening at home vs teeth whitening at the clinic

During home teeth whitening an impression of your teeth is taken. Based on the impression a lower-upper silicone splint is prepared, to which a teeth whitening gel is added. It is advised to use this gel for 2-3 hours a day in a week or two. The advantage is that the length and regularity of the treatment can be freely chosen, it can be repeated at any time. Although, it is less effective than the teeth whitening at the clinic, its popularity lies in the fact that it can be used comfortably even at home while watching TV. If, after a few months, we feel our teeth darken, we can lighten them again with another few days of application.

If you choose teeth whitening at the clinic, the results will be immediately visible. After the approximately 1.5 hours treatment your will be able to smile with confidence again. Teeth whitening will help eliminating discolouration which is formed not only on the surface of the teeth, but also in its deeper layers.

The teeth whitening gel with a maximum concentration of 6%, i.e. hydrogen peroxide, is activated by UV light using a high-power LED lamp to illuminate the teeth. This takes 10-15 minutes and we repeat the process three or four times depending on the initial tooth colour. In the meantime due to its strong effect, tooth sensitivity can be developed, which only goes away in a few days after the treatment. There is no need to worry, it is a essential part of the process, as we dissolve minerals and dyes from the enamel at the same time, which are only replaced in a few days. In addition, your teeth may be sensitive to cold during and after the whitening. This is only temporary ,no harm or damage were caused to your teeth during the treatment. This is a side effect that comes with teeth whitening and with good oral hygiene habits, it will disappear quickly.

Teeth whitening only affects the original teeth. It does not whiten the crowns, dentures, and fillings. Therefore, if the color difference is too much, it may be necessary to replace crowns and fillings.

The result is influenced by the patient's lifestyle. Anyone who smokes as well as drinks 4-5 coffees a day or who often enjoys the pleasures of red wine will darken their teeth sooner, but the result can be sustained by whitening them at home.