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Welcome to Balla-Dent

The Balla family is a well-known dental dynasty in Budapest, Hungary. An immense knowledge has been passed down for three generations. Hence we have provided a wide range of dental services with highly educated doctors and affordable, patient-friendly prices. Balla Dent is located at the heart of Budapest, right in front of Corvin quarter. We are easily accessible with public transport via tram 4 and 6, bus, metro or with car.

By now, our expanded clinic is well prepared to provide complete dental care for patients coming from abroad. We have exceptional treatments with affordable prices and individual packages created especially for those who want to have a great time in Budapest. Combine your vacation with a complete dental service with us. We are not only offering dental services but also helping you planning everything regarding your dental journey, from how to get here, where stay and what to see.

Through extensive years of practice, Balla Dent earned the trust and love of its patients. Our biggest aim is to provide even more for our new patients coming from abroad.

Your dental journey

1. Get in touch

The first step of your dental journey starts with getting in touch with us. You can send an enquiry or request a quote by contacting the following email address:

Our practice manager will assist you throughout your entire journey and answer any potentially arising questions regarding your treatment.

However, to be able to provide and create the best and most accurate treatment plan, please send any available information about your case as detailed as possible, a previously taken X-ray or CbCt scan can be useful.

2. Book your flight

The next step is to agree on the time of your visit and book you in. Once that’s done you can start getting ready for a journey that will change your smile forever and purchase your flight tickets to Budapest. Several airlines are flying to Hungary, such as Ryanair, Wizzair, Austrian Airlines etc. There are no current travel restrictions at place.

For your maximum comfort and ease, on arrival to Liszt Ferenc National Airport we can arrange a courtesy driver who will take you to your apartment straightaway.

3. Meet your dentist

Once you’re nice and settled it is time to meet your doctor. Our clinic is located at the heart of the easily accessible VIII. district, right in front of Corvin quarter. Should you wish to use the means of public transport, you can get here with tram 4 and 6 or by using metro line 3. Upon your first visit you will get to know your dentist who will go through your treatment plan with you or order further examinations if necessary.

4. City break

Who said that a dental treatment cannot come with a wonderful opportunity of exploring a new city, as well? Let’s combine business and pleasure! Either before or after your treatment, schedule some time to indulge in Budapest’s exceptional scenery. Whether you are a gourmet fond of exquisite European kitchen, a lover of nature or arts and culture, you will find something to see, taste or do in our beloved capital city. To help you decide where to go or what to do, we have listed a few options here: What to do in Budapest

5. Treatment

Here comes the time to transform your smile. Our highly qualified dentists will make sure that your treatment will be as painless and rapid, as possible. You will be looked after by professionals with extensive years of knowledge and your treatment will be delivered by using the latest, most modern technologies.

6. Aftercare

Our patient’s highest satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority. Hence, should you have any issues, questions, or doubts post treatment, we are always here to help and make sure everything is alright. Feel free to reach out and message us anytime.

Reach out!

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Our team

Dr. Balla Endre

Dental specialist

He graduated from Semmelweis University in 1981. It’s no accident that our dentistry’s name bears resemblance to Dr Endre Balla’s name. He established the Balla-Dent clinic in 1996. First, it was situated at Museum district then the whole clinic moved to its present location, the famous Corvin district. Doctor Balla is known for his brilliant endodontic skills and his most important goal is to save your teeth at all costs.

Languages: English, German, Italian


Monday - 8:00-12:00
Tuesday - 8:00-12:00
Wednesday - 8:00-12:00
Thursday - 8:00-18:00

Dr. Balla Kristóf

Dental specialist

He graduated from Semmelweis University in 2012. As a post-graduate Doctor Kristóf gained extensive knowledge in the field of prosthodontics and endodontics. He has immense experience in aesthetic treatments, implant prosthodontics and endodontics, as well. His work is not only characterised by great professionalism but a joyful atmosphere is also guaranteed.

Languages: English, German


Monday - 8:00-12:00
Tuesday - 8:00-12:00
Wednesday - 8:00-12:00
Thursday - 8:00-18:00
Friday - 8:00-10:00

Dr. Roohi Ghazaleh


Doctor Ghazi graduated from the University of Debrecen in 2009. She post-graduated in Budapest as an orthodontist specialist, spending her orthodontic residency at one of the biggest clinics in Hungary. Besides taking into consideration aspects of the aesthetic view, she also aims to avoid relapse with well balanced forces of occlusion. Thank to Doctor Ghazi's great empathy she gets along very well with young patients. Hence she successfully manages our pediatric department.

Languages: English, Farsi

Available: Szerda - 8:00 - 18:00

Dr. Bodnár Ádám

Oral Surgeon, Implantologist

He graduated from Semmelweis University in 2012 and participated in an oral surgeon residency program at the same institute. Beyond thousands of successful implantations and bone augmentations, he is widely known as a dentist who's wisdom teeth extraction style is quick, precise, smooth and painless.

Languages: English, German

Available: Tuesday - 14:30-18:00

Dr. Gecser Dóra


As most of our dentists, Doctor Gecser also graduated from the rightfully famous Semmelweis University. Her most important goal is not only performing the most aesthetic dental care, but also delivering treatments as painless as possible. She goes above and beyond to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during her treatments and to look after her patients. Her main interests are endodontics, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics.

Languages: English

Monday - 8:00-12:00
Tuesday - 8:00-12:00
Wednesday - 14:00-18:00
Thursday - 8:00-18:00
Friday - 8:00-12:00

Mucsányi Krisztina

Dental assistant and dental hygienist

Jakus Nóra

Dental assistant and dental hygienist

Nemes Larissza

Dental assistant and dental hygienist

Réka Nagy

Practice manager


Dentistry is a form of art. For more pictures and posts please click to Blog.

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